Chloe Velvet Pillowcase - Lilac
Chloe Velvet Pillowcase - Lilac

Sage x Clare

Chloe Velvet Pillowcase - Lilac

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Sometimes it's the most understated designs which make the biggest impact. And the Chloe Velvet Pillowcase is a beautiful example of this.

The new season Camille collection is all about refined style with a modern edge, and these elements are stunningly showcased in this solid-coloured bedding accessory.

Presented in a seasonal Lilac hue, it adds a fresh-season edge to bedroom settings and is the perfect anchoring piece to complement the prints and patterns featured throughout the Camille collection.

And when combined with the luxurious look and feel of plush cotton velvet, there really is nothing we don't love about this versatile piece.

It's classically cool, with a hint of fabulous fun.

Sold individually.

Measures 73 x 50cm

Color Lilac

Made from Cotton Velvet