TILA Recap: Where and how it all began

We thought it's time to do a bit of a recap of TILA and where we are now, because it has been an amazing 2 years and we have grown so much! For all of our new followers, here's a quick info and recap of TILA Interiors!

My name is Sini and I'm the owner and director of TILA Interiors. I'm a proud mama of two ladies, Alaska 4 and Penny 2.5. We live in Bright, VIC.

Here's a little recap of the first 2 years of TILA:

It all started back in 2019 after I had my second daughter Penny. She was 4 months old when I desperately needed something else than being just a stay at home mum, don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it but I needed to find 'me' again too. I've always loved interiors and I really struggled to find nice stuff for kids rooms so I started painting these rainbow wall hangings by hand.


After a month or two or painting I got my sewing machine back out again and started sewing nature inspired, linen play mats for babies. I spent a lot of time drawing my shapes by hand on massive pieces of paper that had been taped together.. I drew leaves, acorns, and sea shells.

I then started my own etsy store, worked with some beautiful social media influencers and businesses and got my own brand started! I gathered a handful of stockists all around Australia and worked really hard trying to juggle a new brand and still being a stay at home mum to my two girls. 

After a year of sewing play mats, and swaddle blankets we finally moved into our dream home in a town over an hour away from husbands work, our friends and family. I struggled a lot trying to create new things for my business but also trying to find the TIME to make my products myself. So I needed something had to change and it was to start building my DREAM. My dream was to create a destination for all things baby & kids, that looked nice, were high quality and eco friendly. So I started reaching out to my favourite brands and all of a sudden I had gathered a beautiful collection of items that I didn't have to hand make myself. TILA 2.0 was born. And here we are two years later, growing bigger, stronger every day! Plus I still sew all of our TILA play mats myself.


Love, Sini xx


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