Sayonara January!

Happy Sunday guys!

It's 7am on Sunday 31st of January and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee all by myself on the couch while the rest of my beautiful family is still asleep. I looked at the date and went "where the f did January go?"!

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we both agreed that when we were kids and at school, days, weeks and months just draaaggggged on and life seemed to go so slowly. But now, my daughter is turning 4 in two weeks (plus she can write her own name, so flippin proud!), my business is 2 years old and I'm getting more and more wrinkles every day. How does the time fly by so quickly?!

So tomorrow we say hello February! February is normally a great time for our family to take some time off and do little trips away. There's also so many cool things happening next month such as Susukoshi and Tiny Harlow arrive to TILA Interiors.

Susukoshi was founded in 2016 by Eve and Maggie, two passionate mothers who had personally experienced the struggle of finding basic comfortable clothes that could be effortlessly styled and outlived every fashion trend and season. 
Their goal is to provide something that children would love and mothers everywhere would appreciate. Japanese inspired, organic, transitional, timeless clothing and essentials for babies & kids.
We are so excited for Susukoshi. It has been one of my absolute favourite labels for a long time!
Now let me tell you a bit about Tiny Harlow.
The inspiration for the Tiny Harlow range came from the idea that toys of the past were created with patience and love. They were handcrafted, lovingly made from raw and natural materials. They were made of such high quality that they became family heirlooms. Tiny Harlow has a mission to bring back the quality and unique beauty of these heirloom toys to the modern world. 

Tiny Harlow's a range of stunning rattan dolls furniture and toys that have been handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia.

We also have some stunning vegan leather mats coming from Henlee Co, new stock from Sage x Clare, new collection from Olive + the Captain and a lot more cool stuff! 

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Have a great last day of January and we'll catch you in Feb!


Love, Sin Xx 

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