Let’s talk about.... Packaging!

Door knocks, delivery man is here “yayeee” with your parcel. You quickly run inside and start opening your parcel. What do you do with the packaging, do you stop and check what the parcel is made from or does it all go to the rubbish bin?

So let's have a chat about packaging. Something that’s very important obviously as that’s how our goodies get shipped or delivered.. But there’s so much that needs to be considered and we’re very particular about this and always learning and evolving when it comes to packaging. We have done so much research about this and what really matters the most when packaging our orders. And it simply is the ENVIRONMENT.

Disclaimer! We know that being completely green or eco friendly can be quite hard but like I mentioned above, we’re constantly evolving and trying to make better choices with our packaging. 

We use two main types of packaging here at TILA: cardboard boxes and compostable mailers/parcels. 

Cardboard boxes are recyclable and with them we use a RECYCLABLE tape, recyclable, forest & animal friendly tissue paper and our logo is stamped on the box with a soy based, eco friendly ink. This is our main type of packaging. 

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The second option for packaging are compostable mailers, that are made from corn starch. These aren’t recyclable, but you can throw these in your compost (or green waste bin) yay! They will start to break down within 3-4 months and turn into juicy goodness for your garden. NOW, I know that all of these will not make it to a compost, plus not everyone even has a compost or a green waste bin. But when these mailers end up in the rubbish bin, they will eventually break down but this can take up to 2 years for the process to start. 
While this is a “better” option when comparing to a plastic parcel, it isn’t necessarily the best.

We’ve thought about getting our own custom boxes and tissue paper with branding printed on them BUT let’s be honest, they end up in the recycling bin (we hope they go to recycling one!!!) within 10 min from customer opening the package. So instead we use a plain white cardboard box and plain tissue paper. And by doing this were reducing the carbon footprint by skipping the whole printing process! Wining! 

A lot of items, especially clothing comes to us from the distributors in plastic poly bags. And as annoying as it is, it does protect the items when they get shipped and distributed from country to another. But guess what, we never send the poly bags to our customers. We recycle them in a soft plastic waste bin! We want to make our customers experience when shopping with us as easy and clean as possible and always keeping the environment in mind. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about our packaging!

Love, Sin Xx

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